Random facts.

Dj since 1994. Producer since 1996.
Dutch Mixing Champion (Hardcore/Gabber) 1996 - Won 2 Technics SL1200s
Hardcore Dj for Shadowlands 1996-1998 (as Dj Brainlock)
Pioneering harder styles of trance, techno & acid, laying a foundation for hardstyle since 1997 with event Technosis (as Dj Acid Burn, later The Hardstylist)
Technosis Events 1997 - 2006 (Perron 55 Venlo)
Owner Bookingagency Technosis 2001 - 2004 (Tracid Traxx Dj's and more, almost all german hardtrance gods: Scot Project, Derb, Cosmic Gate, Melanie di Tria, Reeloop, Gary D (RIP), Hennes & Cold, Russenmafia
Sounds Venlo: buying and selling vinyl at the dance department of this magnificant store 2000-2010
Co-organiser of Sonic Planet 2001 - Present (Perron 55, Grenswerk Venlo)
Sonic Planet gigs and hosting with Speedy J, Dave Clarke, Miss Djax, Vaal, Jeff Mills, Heiko Laux

Philosophy behind my music

Throughout the years, i played many styles of music. After reviewing my huge collection of vinyl, i found one red line throughout my collection: ACID.
All my favorite records, no matter if it was techno, hardcore, drum&bass, electro or hiphop, if there was a 303 in it, it was somehow magical.
With this knowledge i decided to just admit i was mainly an acid - techno Dj.
During this time, acid was not so popular at all. So i didn't have much gigs.

After i stopped working in the recordstore sounds in 2010, i saw the art of mixing vinyl dying slowly but surely. The 'real' dj's were replaced by producers that also happen to play some tunes as a dj. Since 2010 it was hard to stay on top as a vinyl dj, so with that my passion died a little.
I did play music, mostly techno, acid and tekno during this time, and i even did a few gigs without vinyl, just mixing digitally. But somehow, i missed the passion and the reality of playing vinyl. Also, i got really fed up with the slow 'deep' techno trend & minimal techno. So after 2012, i did keep in touch with the scene a little bit, sometimes playing early hardstyle sets as the Hardstylist, or techno/acid sets as Acid Burn at Zodiak or Sonic Planet, I even played some house / minimal sets as Erick the Wit, on Free Funk Festival and Stereo Sunday.
Then, in 2017, my kid was born, and I had my hands full on her, and in 2020, Covid came, and i saw it putting the whole scene to a screeching halt in no-time.
Early 2021, i got an invite from Fisherman to play Trance Classics on vinyl on his 24 hour stream on Twitch, which i really enjoyed. After this stream, i had 35 followers on Twitch. They told me that u was an affiliate with 50 followers, so i decided to start my own stream.
In daily life, i am a professional photographer and videographer, so i had all the gear needed to set it up.
When u stream weekly for 5-6 hours in total, u will need a lot of music. During my search for new music, i was surprised how the techno scene had developed, and also ACID and RAVE has gotten HUGE. I listened to sets by Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Trym and Dyen, and i got a gigantic drive to play this stuff as well, and even more so, produce new music of my own.
After six months of hard work, i am ready for my first release, on my own label:
Move-E Records.
I am currently working on no less than 6 other tracks and projects, that are nearly done.
Mostly semi hard techno, acid and rave..!
So. Stay TUNED…!!